TOMMI Libraries

Why does the TOMMI take place in public libraries?

Public libraries are leaders in the education sector when it comes to teaching a wide variety of reading skills. This applies not only to books, but also to electronic media and games.
Public libraries provide the location, the games and equipment, and most importantly, competent staff to assist.

Moreover, libraries are a democratic institution: Here, children who may not be able to afford digital media at home get access to new media. In the library, they learn how to use them competently. School classes also regularly take part in TOMMI.

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What does my library need to participate in TOMMI?

Gaming PCs, monitors, sound, web access, the popular game consoles (Switch, Playstation) and iPads. And of course children, teenagers and school classes.

How do I know what games are coming to my library?

That depends on the submissions. Once the nominated games have been determined, a participating library organizes a training session online or on site. It shows which tricks may need to be observed.

What is the trial TOMMI?

New in 2022, the Schnupper TOMMI is a low-threshold opportunity for small libraries in rural areas to enter the German Children's Software Award TOMMI. The Schnupper TOMMI has only one category: apps. Only iPads are required for participation.

When does it start?

Mid-September to mid-November. Libraries choose their own testing times within this period.

How do the TOMMI libraries communicate?

Via a mailing list. Once a year, there is also a meeting to exchange views on the past and the future. There are also training sessions every now and then.


What is the cost of participation?

The annual fee for TOMMI Libraries is 600 euros, and 150 euros for the TOMMI Taster.

How can my library participate?

Unfortunately, participation in the TOMMI is limited. Public libraries that would like to participate in the TOMMI with a children's jury should contact:

German Library Association
Kathrin Hartmann
Coordinator of the Competence Network for Libraries (knb),
Head of Projects and Programs,
Deputy Managing Director
030. 644 98 99 15