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The application phase of the TOMMI Children's Software Award 2023 has begun

What can publishers submit this year?

Apps, electronic toys, PC and console games, educational software, or products for the Kindergarten & Preschool Special Award. Age limit is USK 12. All products newly launched or coming onto the market from October 20, 2022 to December 03, 2023 and still available until at least December 31, 2023 are eligible to participate.

For a smooth process we need from you per submitted title 20 games or codes, as well as the completed ONLINE registration form. The submitted games will remain with the expert jury. In case of nomination by the expert jury, additional games and codes will be needed for the children and youth jury in the library. More detailed information will follow.

APP codes: App codes are accepted for iOS and Android. Please wait until we get back to you before sending them so that the codes do not expire.

For physical games: Due to summer vacation, please do not send submissions before July 31, 2023 to:
Thomas Feibel (drop off at Krüner or Ravenstein if necessary).
Keyword: TOMMI
Jenaerstr. 15
10717 Berlin

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    Conditions of participation
    USK limit: USK 12
    Deadline: August 18, 2023 (latecomers possible)
    Price: The entry fee per title is 299 euros plus VAT.
    Other prices for series titles and submissions from pupils and students. Please contact us for details.