TOMMI Children and Youth Jury

How can I participate in the TOMMI children and youth jury?

  • The right age: You are between eight and 16 years old and know a lot about games, apps and the like.
  • You have POWER: You have enough patience and enough stamina to put submitted games through their paces.
  • You have cleverness: you can formulate your reasons well and write them down.
  • You know media literacy: You know the rip-off tricks like Lootboxes & Co.
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Have your say - vote for the best games of the year

  • Participation: Children and young people take an active part in finding the best videogames of the year.
  • Your word counts: Children and young people have the last word at TOMMI. No adult is allowed to interfere.
  • You are not alone: Your vote counts and is one of thousands of children from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  • Everyone can see it: The award ceremony will take place on KiKA and

How do I know if my library is participating?

Here you can find the TOMMI libraries by zip code search. See if your library or one near you is included.
Find the TOMMI library near you!

Okay, I'm in. What do I have to do?

Fill out your library's entry form, get your parents to sign it, and with a little luck, you'll be on the TOMMI children's jury.
The games will be played, tested and judged at your library.
You can get more information there.