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Children grow up with digital media from birth. Their parents' smartphone is already an everyday object for one-year-olds. Children are fascinated by digital media because moving images and music arouse their curiosity in a natural way. That's why the TOMMI has three prizes:

  1. The TOMMI KINDERSOFTWARE PRIZE KITA: BEST FAMILY GAME honors good digital offerings for this young target group.
  2. The TOMMI KINDERSOFTWARE AWARD KITA: BEST MEDIA CONCEPT honors good media concepts in daycare centers.
  3. And for the first time, the TOMMI KINDERSOFTWARE AWARD KITA: BEST EDU LEARNING GAMES for the professional use in daycare centers.

TOMMI Kindersoftwarepreis Kita: Best Family Game

Since 2002, the TOMMI Children's Software Award has had a special prize for Kindergarten & Preschool, which annually selects from the wide range of digital educational games for young children. We now call this award TOMMI KINDERSOFTWAREPREIS KITA: BEST FAMILY GAME. It is intended to reward those digital learning and play offerings that are aimed at families with young children. A jury selects suitable titles for nomination from the games submitted, which are then evaluated by children in daycare centers and libraries. They will award the top three prizes. The award ceremony for this will take place at the Kita-Onlinekongress 2024. The software or electronic toy can be entered here. Apps, websites, PC and console games, and electronic toys are all possible.

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TOMMI Kindersoftwarepreis Kita: Best media concept

Many daycare centers are setting out to use digital media to supplement their educational offerings and projects. Promoting media literacy is an important aspect of this. How do the educational staff in daycare centers manage to teach young children how to deal with digital media in a reflectively responsible manner and turn children from media consumers into digital tinkerers and creators? To find out, the TOMMI Kindergarten & Preschool Award was launched in 2020 as part of the German Children's Software Award TOMMI. It is now called TOMMI KINDERSOFTWAREPREIS KITA: BEST MEDIA CONCEPT. In cooperation with the Auerbach Foundation and media educator Prof. Dr. Stefan Aufenanger from the University of Mainz, the award is looking for proven and practical concepts for the use of digital media in daycare centers that can serve as an example to other institutions. The competition is open to daycare centers that have a media concept that has been tried and tested in practice and will also present it online to experts at the award ceremony. A jury of experts will select three winners from the submitted projects, each of whom will receive 500 euros. The award ceremony will take place at the Kita-Onlinekongress in March 2024.

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TOMMI Kindersoftwarepreis Kita: Best Edu learning games for professional use in daycare centers

Digital devices and games are also increasingly being used in daycare centers. While the BEST FAMILY GAME category focuses primarily on the afternoon market for families, the BEST EDU LEARNING GAMES award is intended for educational work in daycare centers. This does not only apply to digital devices such as tablets, digital microscopes or robotics as well as apps for the age range of daycare children, but also to products that, combined with digital devices, offer extended possibilities of playing and learning with digital media to daycare children. So if you offer such products specifically for the Kita sector, this category is right for you. A jury will select three award winners from the submitted Edu Learning Games.

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Good digital concepts for kindergarten

The German Children's Software Award TOMMI will take place for the 22nd time in 2023. In addition to the "Kindergarten & Preschool Special Award," the TOMMI has also established the "Kindergarten Promotion Award. This important award is given for good digital concepts in kindergartens: In collaboration with the Auerbach Foundation and media educator Prof. Dr. Stefan Aufenanger from the University of Mainz, the award seeks proven and practical concepts for the use of digital media in daycare centers that can serve as an example to other institutions.

The three winners will receive a total cash prize of 1500 euros for their institution. 

The award ceremony will take place at the Kita-Onlinekongress in March 2024


JURY 2023

  • Chair: Prof. Dr. Stefan Aufenanger - AG Medienpädagogik, Johannes Gutenberg - University, Mainz
  • Thilo Bergmann, Editor-in-Chief Kindergarten heute
  • Jennifer Bonk, Deputy Chair of the Commission for Children's and Youth Libraries in the German Library Association (dbv)
  • Thomas Feibel, FEIBEL.DE - Office for Children's Media
  • Steffen Heil, Executive Board Auerbach Foundation
  • Marion Lepold, QIK Online Academy
  • Mareen Reichardt, Chairwoman of the Commission for Children's and Youth Libraries in the German Library Association (dbv)
  • Prof. Dr. Friederike Siller - Institute for Media Research and Media Education, Cologne University of Technology
  • Viola Völtz, educator, Kinderladen Prinz Güntzel, Berlin

Review: The winners of the TOMMI Förderpreis Kindergarten 2022 have been determined

In 2022, the TOMMI Kindergarten Award will be presented for the second time to three institutions whose tried-and-tested, practical concept for using digital media in daycare centers is convincing.

  1. Place: House for children St. Sebastian/Dettelbach
  2. 1st place: FRÖBEL Bildung und Erziehung gGmbH, House for Children Eisnergutbogen/Munich
  3. Place: Käthe-Luther Kinderhaus & Family Center/Singen

"The decision was not easy," says media educator Prof. Dr. Stefan Aufenanger from the University of Mainz, "because a great many daycare centers are already very advanced in terms of quality and quantity in early childhood media education. We are pleased that with this award we can also make this development known to a larger public."

Aufenanger awards the TOMMI sponsorship prize of 1500 euros together with the Auerbach Foundation.

Laudations of the winners of the TOMMI Promotion Award 2022

1st place House for Children St. Sebastian/Dettelbach

The "Haus für Kinder St. Sebastian" daycare center in Dettelbach is an excellent example of how digital media can be used not only in a child-centered manner integrated into everyday life in the daycare center, but far beyond. In this context, digital media are seen as a tool alongside many other possibilities in the pedagogical work. In concrete terms, the children deal with scientific phenomena. They ask scientists for help - as in the example of a volcano researcher at Uppsala University in Sweden - and create media themselves, such as videos or audio files, to record their knowledge and experiences in media. These are the foundations of successful media education. In addition, the children learn about devices and media to explore their environment, such as a digital microscope. This is a very diverse media education program in which children learn about the connection between digital media and explorative exploration at an early age. The cooperation with science is a unique selling point.

2nd place: FRÖBEL Bildung und Erziehung gGmbH, House for Children Eisnergutbogen/Munich

The "Haus für Kinder Eisnergutbogen" daycare center in Munich uses its story workshop to demonstrate how to create a positive environment in which children can trust their imagination and give free rein to their own stories. There, both analog and digital tools are used to write stories. The tablet is therefore not the focus of the project, but serves as a tool or a means to an end. This not only trains the students to work with digital media, but also promotes their own creativity and language skills. The use of the tablets, supplemented by pens, paper, a story rail, etc., and then even being able to hold them in printed form in their hands, makes this a combination for (almost) all the senses. The educators are very committed and combine a variety of media and language pedagogical approaches. Through the children's own activities, the aspect of self-efficacy is also promoted and products are created that they can be proud of. The project can be easily transferred to other daycare centers.

3rd place: Käthe-Luther Kinderhaus & Familienzentrum/Singen

The Käthe-Luther Kinderhaus & Familienzentrum shows that the participation of all educational partners in the introduction of digital media in the daycare center is a central moment for success. Not only the team needs sufficient time to deal with the attitude and the own attitude towards digital media education. Parents and other professionals must also be involved. This is what a good start looks like for digital media education that is integrated into the daycare center in a sustainable and everyday way. The involvement of families and the approaches for low-threshold family education offerings around the topic of digital media particularly stood out. This is a very comprehensive approach, since it is not only about the children, but the educators also see the need for further education and to reflect on their own attitudes through media biographies.

TOMMInated 2022 for the TOMMI Kindergarten Award

The nominated daycare centers have been determined. Now it's the turn of the TOMMI jury.

  • Singing:Käthe-Luther Kinderhaus & Family Center
  • Schwarzenbek: Ev.-Luth. KiTa St. Elisabeth
  • Murg: Kath. daycare center in the mill
  • Satrup: ADS Kindergarten/ Crèche, Zum Schwimmbad
  • Meyenburg: Daycare center "Squirrels
  • Munich: FRÖBEL Bildung und Erziehung gGmbH, House for Children
  • Dettelbach: House for children St. Sebastian
  • Berlin: White Cockatoo International Kindergarten
  • Düsseldorf: Locomotion-Kids pme Familienservice gGmbH

About the Auerbach Foundation

The non-profit Auerbach Foundation is committed to "a future full of opportunities". It does this with the "Platform for Healthy Media Use " On it, children and young people can take their media driving license. With the practical educational formats of the Auerbach Foundation's Future Lab "Z-LAB" in Bruchsal, an extracurricular research center,, schoolchildren get excited about future technologies and sustainability.

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The Kita-Onlinekongress provides pedagogical impulses, specialist information and product innovations for educators and pedagogical specialists and can be visited at the address Every year several thousand visitors are expected during the congress. The congress program includes around 80 contributions from experts from science and practice. Foundations and associations such as Stiftung Lesen (Reading Foundation), Stiftung digitale Chancen (Digital Opportunities Foundation) and Didacta Verband (Didacta Association) will also be involved in the congress as driving forces.