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Since 2002, the German Children's Software Award TOMMI has annually honored high-quality digital games and educational offerings for children and made them known to a larger audience. First, a jury of renowned journalists, educators, and scientists selects the nominees. Then it's the turn of a children's jury in around 20 libraries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With the TOMMI, children always have the last word!

In the category Special Award Kindergarten & Preschool, Prof. Dr. Stefan Aufenanger from the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz and his team test submissions in kindergartens.

As a publisher, you can note participation in this category in the registration form.

The TOMMI focuses on the involvement and participation of children between the ages of eight and 16. On average, between 3,000 and 4,000 girls and boys actively participate in the awards. During the pandemic, around 1600 children were able to participate.

The TOMMI aims to teach children and school classes how to deal critically with computer, educational and console games as well as apps, thus promoting children's media literacy.

The TOMMI strengthens children's understanding of democracy as they deal with other opinions in the test phase and also formulate their arguments in writing.

In cooperation with the Auerbach Foundation and media educator Prof. Dr. Stefan Aufenanger from the University of Mainz, the competition is looking for proven and practical concepts for the use of digital media in daycare centers that can serve as a model for other institutions. The three winners will receive a cash prize totaling 1,500 euros for their institution.
Click here for the application requirements and the entry form: Kindergarten Award

The idea for the German Children's Software Award TOMMI came about in 2002 and can be traced back to the media expert, journalist and author of books for children and young people Thomas Feibel and his Office for Children's Media. The TOMMI wanted to put a positive spin on the topic of computers and children, since at the time the medium only made it into the media with negative headlines ("killer game" debate).

The TOMMI began with awards for PC games. Later, console games, electronic toys and digital educational offerings were added. A children's jury was initially sought via the ZDF children's and youth program, which tested at home.

Since 2008, the TOMMI has been held in public libraries, as this has enabled many more children to be reached and the project to be accompanied by media education. The TOMMI is the most important award for digital products for children and young people in the German-speaking world and will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2021!

Apps, electronic toys, PC and console games, educational software or products for the special Kindergarten & Preschool Award can be submitted. The age limit is USK 12. All products that came or will come onto the market between October 16, 2021 and October 24, 2022 and are still available until at least December 31, 2022 are eligible to participate.
To ensure a smooth process, we need 20 games or codes from you per title, as well as the completed ONLINE registration form. The submitted games will remain with the expert jury.
Promocodes of the apps: Promocodes are accepted for iOS and Android. Please wait until we get back to you before sending them so that the codes do not expire.

Once a year.
As a rule, the call for games and other digital products for children is made in June/July. The test phase in the libraries takes place between September and October.

The award ceremony will take place at the end of October on KiKA in the media program "Team Timster".

Children who are between eight and 16 years old and have a good knowledge of computer games can apply to the libraries listed. Entire school classes are also welcome to join the libraries' children's jury.

A list of libraries with contact details can be found here.
Details on how to register can be found here.

Publishers of apps, PC and console games as well as electronic toys and digital educational offerings submit their games online.
A jury of well-known trade journalists (Der Spiegel, FAZ, BILD.DE, and many more), renowned media educators, and education experts select the nominations. Then children in around 20 libraries throughout Germany get their turn.
In 2019, a total of 3300 girls and boys took part in the award process. Until 2019, the prize was awarded at the Frankfurt Book Fair.
In 2020, the award ceremony took place live for the first time as part of the "Timster" program on ARD and ZDF's KiKa, both on TV and online.
This year, the TOMMI will also be awarded live on KiKA in "Team Timster" on 23.10.2022. During the Corona pandemic, around 1600 children across Germany were able to test the games and educational software nominated by a jury of experts in around 20 libraries under strict security measures and with a well thought-out hygiene concept.

Public libraries wishing to participate in TOMMI with a children's jury should contact:

German Library Association
Kathrin Hartmann
Coordinator of the Competence Network for Libraries (knb),
Head of Projects and Programs,
Deputy Managing Director
030. 644 98 99 15

Public libraries have long been leaders in the education sector when it comes to teaching a wide variety of reading skills. This applies not only to books, but also to electronic media and games. Libraries provide the place, the games and equipment, and above all, competent staff to assist.
In addition, libraries are a democratic institution: Here, children who may not be able to afford computers, consoles or tablets at home gain access to new media. In the library, they learn how to use them competently. School classes regularly participate in TOMMI.
A complete list of participating libraries can be found here.

The TOMMI is published by FEIBEL.DE, an office for children's media in Berlin.
Partners of the award are the Auerbach Foundation, biblioplay, the German Library Association (dbv), Dein Spiegel, Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Familie & Co, the Frankfurt Book Fair, Gaming ohne Grenzen, KiKA, Partner & Söhne and the ZDF children's and youth program.

The TOMMI awards annually in the following categories:

  • Apps
  • Digital educational offerings and learning software
  • Electronic toy
  • Console games
  • PC games
  • Products for special price kindergarten & preschool
  • USK 12 title
  • TOMMI Promotion Award Kindergarten